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Andrea Holland



15 Feb 2024



Sino Thai

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"Chop-chop!" is a bilingual Spanglish comedy exploring procrastination, emails, to-do lists, recipes and the pursuit of life's true essence. Through the power of language it delves into the idea: "stereotypes are true, they are just not the whole truth." Infused with some energetic physical comedy, clowning and spoken word elements, it promises laughter and reflection.

Through the lens of cultural stereotypes, a Spanish and an English person grapple, showing how they coexist within one mind, pushing the boundaries of self-identity. Is it shaped by our upbringing, place of birth, or family origins?

As a bilingual show, "Chop-chop!" aims to mirror the complexity of a bilingual brain, acknowledging the multi-faceted identities we carry. Chop-chop! is an ode to Andrea’s mother and Spanish tortilla, highlighting how something as simple as food can reconnect us with our roots. And it is also about our current Toxic Productivity culture and how we can lose ourselves within it. The show is a constant battle between the more emotional side of the brain and the more rational one, in this case the Spanish side versus the English, or was it the other way round?

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Thursday, 15 February 2024

Sino Thai

Sino Thai

Sino Thai


Access features:

No Step-free Access

Age guidance:


Running time:

45 minutes

Festival strand:

Theatre & Performance

Funny, Empowering, Feel Good



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Andrea Holland

Andrea Holland is a London-based performer, theatre-maker, voice-artist and facilitator born and raised in Spain to a Spanish mother and English father. She trained in Asturias School of Performing Arts (Spain) in Acting, and in ESAP Porto (Portugal) in Acting and Directing where she was awarded an ERASMUS+ scholarship for Academic Excellence. She has always had a strong incline towards Physical Theatre and devising, she took part in the course Physical Theatre and Performance: Mask and myth, the Poetic body and Ensemble Storytelling at LISPA ( in 2018; and partook in Gecko Theatre's first ever Artistic Professional Residency in 2019.

During lockdown she co-directed the short-film: “Mulheres Que Sangran, Powered by Menstruation'', which was officially selected by: Zeitimplus Shortfilm Festival in Vienna, nominated for Best Female Short Film by a Female Director at Thessaloniki Free Short Festival and a finalist at LIFT-OFF GLOBAL NETWORK.
Andrea is one of the founding members of the physical theatre company Volpe Theatre, together with other international female artists, premiering "Hyena" in Italy and taking it to last year’s VAULT Festival.
She has co-founded Herlight Theatre, alongside Giovanna Koyama, and they have recently premiered their first show "Queendom" at the Camden Fringe, a devised physical comedy about two Queens and two best friends, a crossover between a modern fairy tale that challenges the status quo and a sitcom about flatmates.

Andrea's work often takes the form of devised comedy with a feminist perspective and a strong focus on the immigrant experience. She's passionate about delving into themes like belonging, identity and cultural stereotypes while sharing personal stories that resonate with both herself and others.

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Audience reviews on previous scratch of Chop-chop!:

"Chop-chop's ingredients are pure energy and an overwhelming truth. This play is hilarious and an accurate way of talking about procrastination. Andrea connects with the audience from the first second and takes you through the different voices of the mind that each one carries inside. Simply brilliant."

"Really funny and creative show, which brought the audience so close to something so personal to the performer."

"A brilliant and funny story about the internal battle of a dual nationality, everyone who carries multi cultural up bringings will connect with Chop-chop!"


Performer, creator and writer: ANDREA HOLLAND
Director/facilitator: GIOVANNA KOYAMA

A Pinch of VAULT is a festival of brand new and work-in-progress performance. Shows will be at varying stages of development, including rehearsed readings with script in hand, first time on its feet or semi-staged.


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