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Isabella Leung


Naked Show

20 Feb 2024



Sino Thai

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Naked Show

"When I'm a life model, I go into this zen zone where I think about nothing and everything." - life model Peggy
"I just love my body and I want show it off, because I'm awesome!" - life model Christine
"At first I did it because I didn't love my body and I wanted to maybe gain some confidence... but then it started to grow on me... it's hard to describe it... but I'd be there and I'd think to myself: this is who I am, and it's perfectly ok." - life model Julie

Meet our life model today, Dani - a love hard, die hard woman who only speaks her mind when she thinks nobody can hear her. During the day, she is the walking demonstration of a perfectly successful Asian lady, except for the occasional bum-scratching; but every Tuesday night, she does life modelling... and her parent's can't know, obviously!

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Tuesday, 20 February 2024

Sino Thai

Sino Thai

Sino Thai


Access features:

No Step-free Access

Age guidance:


Running time:

45 minutes

Festival strand:

Theatre & Performance

Funny, Thought Provoking, Empowering


Nudity, strong language, sexual themes

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Isabella Leung

Isabella Leung (she/her) is an actor, writer and clown, trained at École Philippe Gaulier and based between London and Manchester. Her debut play, A BOUFFON PLAY ABOUT HONG KONG was finalist for Women's Prize for Playwriting 2021, shortlisted for Woven Voices Award 2023, and was sold out at Manchester HOME theatre's PUSH festival 2023, where Isabella also debuted as director. The play has gained Isabella the nomination for Independent Creative Of The Year at Manchester Culture Awards.

Recent credits: A Game Not Lost (Vault Festival 2023), This Is Not A Show About Hong Kong (Max Percy and Friends, Fringe First Award 2022), Dreamers 夢中人, Freedom Hi 自由閪 (Vault Festival 2020 Week 7 Show of The Week Winner, Papergang Theatre), 7 Deadly Idiots (Told By An Idiot), Dante In-Furlough (The Vaults).

Aside from theatre, Isabella is an advocate for the representation of East and South East Asian creatives in the UK, and is often engaged in conversations and skills-sharing workshops within the ESEA community.

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Praise for previous work:
The Understudy ★★★★
"we depart wanting just a little more"


Writer/Performer: ISABELLA LEUNG
Director: Laurie Luxe

A Pinch of VAULT is a festival of brand new and work-in-progress performance. Shows will be at varying stages of development, including rehearsed readings with script in hand, first time on its feet or semi-staged.


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