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Camilla Borges


Work In Progress (Camilla’s Version) (From The (Pinch of) Vault)

2 Mar 2024



The Spacement at The Glitch

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Work In Progress (Camilla’s Version) (From The (Pinch of) Vault)

When Taylor Swift wrote the lyrics to her seminal song Blank Space, she could never have known that one day me, Camilla Borges, would co-opt these lyrics to try and describe a whimsical clown character comedy show. But here we are, it’s 2024 and those lyrics could not be more relevant to this show (they are not).

Camilla doesn’t know who she is or what she wants, but maybe, if, just like Taylor Swift, she walks through the different ‘Eras’ of her life, she might be able to discover something new about herself.

Expect characters! Sketches! Clowning! You can’t spell awesome without ME!

I would have called the show The Eras Tour but it would have made it impossible to Google.

This show has no affiliation with Taylor Swift Or her music. Seriously, you do not need to like Taylor Swift to see this show she isn’t even mentioned.

Taylor if you do want to come I can put a ticket aside, it’s not a problem.

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Saturday, 2 March 2024

The Spacement at The Glitch

The Spacement at The Glitch

The Spacement at The Glitch


Access features:

No Step-free Access

Age guidance:


Running time:

50 minutes

Festival strand:


Funny, Interactive, Feel Good


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Camilla Borges

Camilla is a rising star on the alternative comedy scene, and has been finessing her skills on the London comedy scene. Having started performing comedy in 2019 she has been finessing her skills, and regularly confuses and delights audiences. She has studied improv with Monkey Toast impro and regularly performs with her team ‘Trophy Room’. In 2022 she was a Quarter Finalist for the Museum of Comedy’s ‘Sketch Off’ competition.

In 2023 she studied at the prestigious Ecole Philippe Gaulier in France and the same year did a run at the Edinburgh Fringe with the show ‘Vibe Shift’, a late night comedy cabaret. Vibe Shift was a huge success, with sell-out audiences and rave audience reviews.

In 2019 she took the show ‘The Iceberg Effect’, a character and sketch show based on the forgotten characters of the movie ‘Titanic’, to the Edinburgh fringe for a limited run. The show had packed audiences and glowing audience reviews.

She performed as part of Camden People Theatre’s ‘Sprint’ festival in 2018, with the show ‘Hold Me Closer’, which was an interactive show investigating the importance of hugs and physical touch in people’s lives. This show was also performed at Battersea Arts Centre as part of ‘Freshly Scratched’ in 2017.

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VAULT_Shapes_Star 3.png


Philippe Gaulier- Not Bad

Praise for previous work.

Edinburgh Audience Review- Easily the funniest show I have seen at the fringe.

Edinburgh Audience Review- Balls to the walls insane character action.

Edinburgh Audience Review- A messy, unforgettable night of absolute madness.


Performer: Camilla Borges
Writer: Camilla Borges
Tech: John Nix

A Pinch of VAULT is a festival of brand new and work-in-progress performance. Shows will be at varying stages of development, including rehearsed readings with script in hand, first time on its feet or semi-staged.


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VAULT_Shapes_Semicircle (1).png
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