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VAULT Festival 2023 Press Images - Show © Kate Hockenhull photography.jpg
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A photo looking down on a crowd at VAULT Festival, with lots of pink drawings on the wall and stage lighting
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Creating electrifying audience experiences through extraordinary cultural events.


We cultivate thriving creative communities and champion diverse artists telling unique stories; providing progressive platforms for them to take risks and forge creative careers.

We believe in the transformative power of live performance as a catalyst for change. 

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VAULT is now closed.


We give our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who has been part of the VAULT journey. Artists; audiences; staff; collaborators - you've shared your creativity, passion and time with us and built the most incredible community of maverick creatives.


Together, we experienced electrifying art in all its forms. Weird, funny, heart-wrenching, terrifying, outrageous, political, joyful, absurd. We're honoured to have provided stages for all kinds of creativity to exist, and seats for the curious and open minded to eat it all up.


You danced at epic late night parties - from drag shows to strip clubs to extinction rebellion takeovers. You laughed your socks off (hopefully!) at comedy shows; you helped us raise thousands for charities such as Help Refugees, and The Passage.


Not only did you spend your Winters in windowless tunnels, you descended into shipping containers, caravans and horse boxes, and joined us on walking tours and mardi gras processions. You sunk pints and birthed dreams in the Underbar; forged collaborations over cocktails in The Lookout (or perhaps over spaghetti at Marco's Meatballs?!); danced in Punch Down, debriefed in Punch Up, and let it all go in the Flairground or Forge Lates, all whilst tunnel juice periodically dripped on your head.

12 years ago, we set out with a mission to make the creative industries of the UK more diverse, more experimental, more inclusive, more joyful, and more embracing of the talents and ideas that emerging artists have to offer. We are extremely proud that we’ve achieved that mission through our work and that we are leaving the creative industry in a different place to how we found it.

Though our stages have gone dark, we implore others to pick up the baton, to fight the fight, and to be creative, courageous and kind.


Make art, make trouble, make change.

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A captivating dimly lit venue bathed in a mesmerizing purple glow. Audience members seated, fully engaged, their attention fixed on an unseen performer whose presence is felt off-screen. The ambient lighting sets a dramatic and immersive atmosphere.
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