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A dim lit room where audience members are standing towards the stage. The stage is lit by a intense orange light. There are brightful decorations hanging on the cealing..
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We create electrifying audience experiences through extraordinary cultural events. We cultivate thriving creative communities and champion diverse artists telling unique stories; providing progressive platforms for them to take risks and forge creative careers.


We believe in the transformative power of live performance as a catalyst for change. 


We are VAULT.

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A call to action; a prescription for the world we want to build.

This is not a dress rehearsal; the time to act is now. 

Make art; make trouble; make change. 

Disrupt convention.

Pass your privilege around. 

Inclusion is cool, equity is hot, queerness is assumed and gender is not.

We need a great planet to make great art.

Let's have fun.

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Show yourself and others patience and love. Let’s build bridges, not walls.


Be transparent, show up authentically, curiously, and courageously. 


Use our creativity to be brave leaders towards a better future, championing those who take risks.



Find, create and share joy in small and big ways. Dance, make friends and enjoy every bit of it.

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Two audience members great each other at the VAULT Festival 2023 venue. The room has a dim purple light and on the ceiling there is a bright Vault logo.
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Creating electrifying experiences for audiences and cultivating thriving creative communities.


Our flagship event is the critically-acclaimed VAULT Festival, the UK’s leading independent showcase of live performance and artistic talent, which has delivered over 3,000 bold and brilliant shows to over 476,000 audience members since 2012. This is complimented by our work-in-progress festival, A Pinch of VAULT, and creative development opportunities like VAULT Young Company, VAULT New Writers, Directors & Critics, and VAULT Five which we deliver throughout the year. 


We are creators and proprietors of The Glitch, a vibrant artsy café, bar, and creative space in the heart of Waterloo. The Glitch provides space for artists to meet, work, and share new material and for community-led events and groups to meet in comfort and safety.


We’re passionate about placemaking and developing projects that put culture at the heart of our community. As well as a number of incredible murals; public art installations, and bespoke pop-up and immersive experiences; we produce VAULT Quests, immersive clue hunts that follow a trail of clues as you explore the local area.


Opening in 2024, our new multi-space venue will host a range of creative opportunities, festivals and events throughout the year; developing and showcasing bold new work from diverse artists and creating electrifying experiences for audiences.


We believe a happy and healthy world is one that is diverse, inclusive, accessible, and sustainable. We’re working be leaders in these key areas of a civic society.

A captivating dimly lit venue bathed in a mesmerizing purple glow. Audience members seated, fully engaged, their attention fixed on an unseen performer whose presence is felt off-screen. The ambient lighting sets a dramatic and immersive atmosphere.
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