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Riwa Saab / OPIA Collective


How I Grew a Moustache

17 Feb 2024



The Spacement at The Glitch

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How I Grew a Moustache

A new work-in-progress... or old work-in-progress... I’m not sure! But basically we’re gonna try to heal my dad.

This is a piece about loss, masculinity, heartache. About saying goodbye. I’m just gonna use theatre to play pretend and try to patch up some grief. Let’s see if it works!

(Part of this sharing will include audience feedback.)

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Saturday, 17 February 2024

The Spacement at The Glitch

The Spacement at The Glitch

The Spacement at The Glitch


Access features:

No Step-free Access

Age guidance:

Suitable For All

Running time:

60 minutes

Festival strand:

Theatre & Performance

Thought Provoking, Empowering, Offbeat


Grief, strong language

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Riwa Saab / OPIA Collective

Riwa Saab is a cross-disciplinary artist and theatremaker. Her work often interrogates how art puts people and our relationships at the centre of the political narratives we inhabit, while particularly exploring the diasporic experience of building cultural bridges, unpacking generational and familial baggage, and creating space for pockets of joy.

OPIA Collective was founded in 2017 with the primary intention to create multidisciplinary work which provides under-represented perspectives to the society that we live in. As a collective, our strengths lie in various art forms such as writers, film-makers, designers, musicians, poets & dancers led by Artistic Director Masha Kevinovna and Associates Cara Evans and Elizabeth Hollingshead.

We are an Associate Company of National Youth Theatre.

Our work has been performed, commissioned, developed at Bunker Theatre, VAULT Festival, Theatre Royal Stratford East, Lyric Hammersmith, Battersea Arts Centre, Theatre Peckham.Current members have worked extensively in their art forms within establishments such as National Youth Theatre, Royal Court, Trinity LABAN, Royal Albert Hall, Gate Theatre, Soho Theatre, Roundhouse and Southbank Centre. ​

Our previous work includes ‘LOVE BOMB’ (National Youth Theatre), ‘LALI’ (Mercury Theatre, VAULT Festival), ‘Babel’ (Camden People’s Theatre), ‘Maryland’ (Riverside Studios, National Youth Theatre), ‘The Girl With Glitter In Her Eye’ (Bunker Theatre) & ‘This Queer House’ (VAULT Festival 2020). The creative team at OPIA also worked together outside the collective to devise Ordinary Miracle with the 2021 National Youth Theatre REP company. ​

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VAULT_Shapes_Star 3.png


Praise for previous work

★★★★ - Within Her Words ★★★★ - Voice Magazine ★★★★ - Harpy Magazine ★★★★ - Broadway World ★★★★ - A Younger Theatre ★★★★★- Spy In The Stalls ★★★★ - Liam O'Dell

The Voice on 'LALI' ★★★★★ - 'Electric to watch'

Liam O'Dell on 'LALI' ★★★★ - 'It's staging and storytelling is rich and vivid.'

Broadway World on ‘The Girl With Glitter In Her Eye’ ★★★★ - “Masha Kevinovna directs a compelling analysis of boundaries and trust with vivid and specific storytelling, it sees poetic language and movement delivering a powerful story.”

Within Her Words on ‘The Girl With Glitter In Her Eye’ ★★★★ -“A pitch perfect dissection of this phenomena.”

The Voice on ‘The Girl With Glitter In Her Eye’ ★★★★ - "A unique production that mixed elements of music and physical theatre with the grit of a one-woman show. Brava!”

The Observer - "This new play, written and directed by Masha Kevinovna, is fresh, imaginative, ambitious and stimulating.”

The Spy In The Stalls on ‘The Queer House’ ★★★★★ - There is a real sense of cohesion between all aspects of this production which is what watching it so strangely compelling.”


Writer: Riwa Saab
Performer: Riwa Saab, Omar Bynon
Dramaturg & Creative Producer: Masha Kevinovna

A Pinch of VAULT is a festival of brand new and work-in-progress performance. Shows will be at varying stages of development, including rehearsed readings with script in hand, first time on its feet or semi-staged.


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